Taopix User Conference

The official website for the Taopix 2018 User Conference. View the agenda and purchase tickets here.


Here's what to expect in the schedule for the 2017 User Conference:

  • The latest developments in Taopix
  • Industry keynote speaker(s)
  • The future of Taopix
  • Industry, design and marketing insight
  • Getting the most out of Taopix
  • Technical workshops

Last year's Schedule

Here's what was included in the 2016 User Conference schedule:

  • Taopix the Company: Past, Present & Future
  • Keynote Speaker: How to be better than Best Practice
  • Taopix the Product: Past, Present & Future
  • The Power of Calendars
  • Opportunities with Taopix APIs
  • Guest Speaker: Overview of the Photo Book & Gift Market
  • Why Use Amazon Web Services
  • A Moment in the Mind of Our Design Team
  • Hidden Gems
  • Designing Photo Products for Mobile Users
  • APIs Under the Skin

If you would like to view any of last year's presentations, please click here to visit the portal.

Evening Event

As part of the conference, we will also be having an evening event in Newcastle upon Tyne, which will include an evening meal and entertainment.



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